Laila C. Roisman, Israel

Dr. Laila C. Roisman, is the Director of Oncology Research at Soroka University Medical Center. Previously, she headed the bioinformatics and R&D at the Center for Precision Cancer Care at Rabin Medical Center, Israel. Dr. Roisman graduated with a PhD degree in biophysics from the Weizmann Institute of Science. She did her first post-doctoral training at the Weizmann Institute in high-throughput DNA repair functional assay development and a second post-doctoral training in immune protein crystallography at Monash University, Australia. Following that, she developed the Structural Neurobiology program at the University of Melbourne, in Australia. 

Dr. Roisman’s research interests include drug development, overcoming drug resistance mechanism, cell-cell communication and improving cancer treatment decision-making. Dr. Roisman has more than 1000 citations and publications in leading journals, including Science, Immunity, PNAS, JMB and the grant of one international patent (licensed to a pharmaceutical company for further development).