Pierluigi Novellis, Italy

Pierluigi Novellis, Thoracic Surgeon, Humanitas Research Hospital

Medical doctor since 2008, he has specialized in thoracic surgery in 2014. In 2015 he worked at the European institute of Oncology and since 2016 he is an assistant in the division of thoracic surgery at Humanitas Research Hospital. 

His main interest is in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of lung cancer and mediastinal tumors. He has always had an interest in Minimally Invasive Surgery and in particular on Robotic Lung Surgery attracted to oncological results similar to those of "open" techniques, but related to a better post-operative quality of life. He also has a particular interest in the research for early markers in lung cancer, for the lung cancer screening and for the evaluation of the impact of minimally invasive surgery on the quality of life of the neoplastic patients.